Innovating the Casino Gaming Industry - Axiomtek's MotionDeck


Casino gaming has come a long way since the day of the one-armed bandit. Innovative gaming technologies have shaped the possibilities of gaming revenue expansion and substantial growth for the market. The challenges from the heightened competition are putting the pressure on research and development of renowned casino gaming equipment makers to take control of the newest technologies and deploy the concepts. Coupled with the growing adoption of machine learning, virtual reality and artificial intelligence technologies, gaming machine manufacturers are taking their products into the future where gamblers can customize their stakes and winning jackpots - and drive their level of gaming excitement to new heights.

Some can now offer many ways to play and win. Each game's level of complexity has increased. Some can now offer more multi-level bonuses and deliver new player experiences in comparison to past machines. Graphical capabilities and display qualities have risen above and beyond 4K – with crisp, brilliant animation on, perhaps, curved HD monitors. Many now can incorporate more interactive participation from the players with motion control of the game based on the player's gestures and movements for immersive experiences.

Axiomtek has been serving casino gaming equipment manufacturers with advanced computing solutions. We offer building blocks for our customers' inventions that support their quests to be on top of their industries. For example, with our MotionDeck TFT LCD touch screen solution used for gaming control in replacement of older machines' play buttons, we incorporate a high quality wide viewing angle with 10 points PCAP multi-touch screen and many flexible and value-added features.

Axiomtek Gaming's product design focus and value propositions are on helping our gaming ODM customers execute their vision with ease and deliver best-in-class gaming experiences to their customers. Our gaming products offer rich features and functionalities that support the design of our customers' intricate and increasingly complex machines. Our innovative products are made to deliver ease of deployment to the gaming machine manufacturers.

Our commitment to innovate drives our thoughtful designs. In the case of our MotionDeck, we have continued to evolve and take advantage of new technologies to integrate other value-added features that are purposely built to provide a better gaming experience to the players. For example, Axiomtek's MotionDeck offers a feature called aiMotion Charger. It supports charging of the player's Qi-certified portable devices i.e., their phones, so that they can enjoy playing while staying connected to their worlds.

Axiomtek Gaming offers a list of products that include gaming platforms, gaming-certified motherboards, player tracking systems and other peripherals. Our team consists of inventors, researchers, solution designers and highly experienced engineers who have been serving the casino gaming industry for decades. We take pride in our ability to help our customers create and customize products that our ODM customers can trust. We are committed to the partnership with our customers and ensuring that they can continue to innovate and always can count on us for our continued support.

High Quality, Feature-Rich MotionDeck for Slot Machines

  • True flat glass with frame-less design and LED backlight
  • Features 10-point PCAP multi-touch screen with 19.1-inch (1920 x 360) LCD
  • Multiple features with DVI-D/DP input, USB B Type for touchscreen and 12V DC power input
  • Includes optional embedded wireless charger for mobile phone






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